Tailor-Made Products for the Debt Review Industry

with a simple & easy claims process.

Company Background & Insight

Finsafe, established in 2015, is an authorised and licensed financial services provider.

Finsafe’s unique focus & expertise allow for comprehensive Credit Life Insurance (to name but a few) to cover & address the crucial needs of Debt Counselling companies and their clients. 

Debt Counselling clients face various daunting challenges that require inclusive benefits that provide ultimate protection at affordable premiums – a victorious win for both the client and Debt Counsellor/organisation.

Finsafe strives to take up a creative market space and is fully aware of today’s ever-changing environment. Clients require specific solutions to fit their needs, and as a result, Finsafe is also bringing new tailor-made benefits & products to the table.

Company Values

Finsafe’s qualified team undertakes to offer professional advice, products and services measured against the highest standards of integrity, fairness and quality.

We approach all matters with the highest moral and ethical standards.
Our team is knowledgeable and experienced professionals with impeccable standards and credentials.
We commit wholeheartedly to making honesty our guiding principle in all our dealings. Our partners expect it, and our clients deserve it. 
Our clients count on us; we take responsibility for implementing solutions and remain accountable for our service.  
In line with the prescriptions and content of the “Treating Customers Fairly” legislation, Finsafe complies and, at all times, acts in clients’ best interest.

Company Products & Offerings

Finsafe grasps the Debt Counselling environment and is fully committed to providing the essential service needed to continue our well-established partner relationships with Debt Counsellors across South Africa. 

Finsafe currently offers two specialist products called the CreditGuard & Elective CreditGuard Credit Life Insurance Policy. These products cover some or all of the client’s outstanding debt under the debt review process.

We market a combination of eight (8) tailor-made benefits designed explicitly for the Debt Counselling market at affordable premiums through the CreditGuard and Elective CreditGuard Credit Life Insurance Policy. 

Retrenchment & loss of income for self-employed individuals Cover
Maternity Cover
Death Cover
Accidental Death Cover
Permanent Disability Cover
Temporary Disability Cover
Critical Illness Cover
Identity Theft Cover
Product Key Features
No medicals are required.
One consolidated monthly premium forms part of the Debt Counselling client’s Monthly Debt Review Repayment amount. 
A fair and transparent claims process. 

Easy Integration

Finsafe uses a specifically-designed and easy integration system to fit your service platform and operating requirements.
InsuranceGuard is fully unified with various registered Debt Counselling and Payment Distribution Agencies’ systems and can easily plug into any Debt Counsellor’s front-end applications.
In short: InsuranceGuard is an effortless cloud-based workflow with an agile online quote and referral process. 

Why use Finsafe?

Finsafe’s Credit Linked/Life Insurance product & brokerage service to assist Debt Counsellors and their clients are not only crucial but also uniquely functional.
Finsafe’s professional operations and internal structures revolve around flexibility and can adhere to any Debt Counsellor’s internal processes and the Debt Counselling process.

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