Credit Life Insurance, also known as Credit Cover, is imbedded in most of the credit agreements when a consumer takes out a loan.

This however only covers that one specific credit agreement and leaves the consumer’s other credit agreements at risk.

Finsafe’s Credit Life Insurance Policy combines Credit Cover for all your credit agreements under one single policy. It is affordable and gives you peace of mind that your debt will be sorted in case of death, retrenchment, permanent or temporary disability and critical illness.

In today’s economic climate, having a proper credit linked insurance policy or credit cover is essential.

Existing CLI policies that you have with a credit provider are usually very expensive, and replacing those policies could save you thousands of Rands every month.

Key Policy Benefits

  • Death Cover – Debt is Settled
  • Permanent Disability Cover – Debt is Settled
  • Temporary Disability Cover – Monthly Debt Repayment Covered
  • Critical Illness Cover - Debt is Settled
  • Retrenchment - Monthly Debt Repayment Covered
  • Identity Theft – Damages Covered

Advantages of a Finsafe Credit Life Policy

  • You could save thousands of Rands, bringing financial relief
  • No medical assessment required
  • You only have one credit life policy to replace all the others
  • Premium rates are some of the best in the industry
  • Easy and hassle free claims process

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