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Debt Counsellors

Finsafe offers a unique Debt Counselling solution where Debt Counsellors can earn additional income.

Debt counsellors have to deal with credit life insurance on a daily basis. The C.O.B debt counsellors receive daily reflects credit life insurance premiums, and are usually a huge cause in end balance differences when a consumer is supposed to finish a debt review.

With the Debt Counselling fees being regulated and with no increase in fees since 2012, running a profitable debt counselling business becomes more and more difficult.

Joining powers with Finsafe will allow you to build more accurate payment plans and also improve the cash flow of your consumers, directly assisting with getting them out of debt quicker. You will be able to provide your consumer with more affordable and comprehensive credit life insurance policy.

Apart from being good for your consumers, Finsafe is also good for your debt counselling practice.

By signing up with Finsafe you will start generating an additional and recurring income stream for your business.

Make more money in your Debt Counselling practice!

Contact Finsafe to find out how.

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